Current Projects

Quiz Night Fund-raiser

On the 22nd of  November of this year we will be hosting a Quiz Night to help raise funds for Orange Sky Laundry. Keep an eye for further details on our event page.

Be Benevolent

Be Benevolent supports the education of disadvantaged children in Varanesi, India. Child are specially selected to participate in the program, which funds their school fees, after-school tuition, uniforms and some meals. We help gather donations of computers, games and school supplies to send to the children. Our fundraising events provide a significant portion of Be Benevolent's budget and because it is small, we know 100% of the money goes to the children.

Rotaract Round Trips

Rotaract clubs around the world host other Rotaractors to experience their culture and lifestyle. In the past our members have been hosted by clubs in Italy, Sri Lanka, Croatia and Siberia. Round Trips are an important tool for building bridges between cultures, using the Rotary network to transcend political borders and become a true global citizen. 

Rotaractors are free to visit other clubs anytime they travel - not only when on Round Trips. Our members have visited meetings in Jerusalem and Dubai, and in turn we have welcomed Rotaractors from Italy, Brazil and Indonesia. You are never without friends in a strange city when you are a Rotaractor.